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Are you looking for sustainable long term rankings in the search engines? If you are new to SEO then you are in luck because many businesses have been burned in the past by shoddy SEO practices.

Our agency has dealt with both sides of the spectrum in terms of helping new sites find traffic online alongside of businesses that have been burned by poor SEO. We know how to navigate the waters to make a site client regardless of past activity and to help businesses flourish with their search engine optimization.

It doesn’t matter whether your business operates locally, or nationally, because with the right strategy you can get traffic. A real SEO company will focus on prepping your site for the search engines, but will also know how to direct traffic back to your site.

You see, if a search engine optimization firm is worth their salt, they will help you get traffic from other websites whilst your site is growing. That is the measure of true SEO success. Yes, rankings matter, but are you getting quality traffic while you wait?

Contact the team at Caniseo to find the best SEO strategy for your business with our free consultation. You’ll walk away with the insight needed to determine the best course of action for your business.

Marketing Agency – Our approach is customers now and customers later

  • Our company incorporates the best social media strategies for your business throughout Texas

  • Helping companies, agencies, and firms achieve their goals with our internet marketing services

  • Top search engine rankings follow us, and we know how to get “near me” results

Once digital marketing starts working for your business, it starts working right away. However, the careful planning and execution of a campaign is what can take the most amount of time.

Our agency has helped numerous businesses in their advertising, and through our successes, and failures, we have learned what works and doesn’t online.

Your options are near limitless when you consider digital advertising. With different traffic channels like display, social media, search engine, mobile, geo-targeting, native, and so much more just how do you figure out which is the best for your business growth needs?

The answer is simple.

It can be any of them.

If you take a look at any industry that is marketing online, you can quickly use a spy tool to find out what ads businesses are running. You can then see the plethora of traffic channels they use to advertise. A cool website that lets you spy on ads is SimilarWeb, and they hide almost nothing.

Now, at Caniseo we don’t necessarily use these tools as much because we can develop campaigns for our clients that simply work. We have developed a process over the years that works repeatable in most industries and continues to deliver leads up to this day.

If you’d like to grow your business through digital marketing contact us today to get a free consultation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Deep Ellum

One of our first experiences in Deep Ellum is walking past downtown Dallas on East to get to this neighborhood. We passed by the bridge with the blue circle, and before I knew it I saw a concrete jungle laced with beautiful graffiti.

Walking on further, the art that takes a hold of this neighborhood is apparent in every building, and you’re certain to get the right snap to capture the perfect memory if you ever catch yourself down in Deep Ellum.

With places like Uncle Uber’s, Pepe and Mito’s, or even the Pecan Lodge, you’ll find yourself quickly gaining weight if you’re not too careful with the restaurants in the area. Each place has its own delicacies, and I would even argue that you’re almost guaranteed to enjoy the cool eating. My personal favorite is definitely at Uncle Uber’s because their burgers are awesome!


Deep Ellum is a place that I can find myself walking through to forget about the hustle and bustle of my daily work. It’s quiet during the day, and at lunch hour it can get packed, but that quickly dissipates. If you ever catch yourself in the evening at Deep Ellum you’ll notice it quickly comes to life as there’s always a new concert to go to, or a bar to check out.

You might want to wish yourself good luck if you ever catch yourself visiting on a weekend in the evenings because the best parking spots will quickly disappear. Not to fret though, there is an abundance of parking lots in the area – you’ll just have to pay a bit of a higher price.

Normally, when I talk about a neighborhood I might write about all the details but so many memories and experiences have been made in Deep Ellum that it’s easier to just talk about what you can expect, experience, eat, and live through if you ever make your way down here.

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