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SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization, is nothing more than prepping and grooming your website for competitive search engine rankings. This can be likened to a bodybuilder working hard towards a bodybuilding competition.

If the bodybuilder simply eats carbs, sits on the couch, and watches TV all then they are not much of a bodybuilder, are they?

The same principle applies with your website, and I will even add that if you miss an entire month of working your site out can potentially lose out on another competitor that continues to work on their site. As with anything in this world, SEO rankings come from a continued effort in the right direction.

You’ll need to have your site optimized depending on what type of business you have. Local, national, and eCommerce websites all have different needs and have their advantages in getting search engine rankings. Web design for each site is different, but good SEO principles remain the same.

If you haven’t had proper SEO done on your site then perhaps it’s time to get a good “workout” and “diet” regiment going for your side in order for it to help you win competitively online. Contact us for a free consultation today to determine if SEO is the right fit for your business.

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Are you looking to give your lead generation a boost with online advertising?

Billions of dollars are invested annually into internet marketing because the facts remain true: there is a solid return on investment. Many businesses even report a $2 gain for every $1 invested, so an old question remains… Would you continue to put a dollar into a soda machine if it gave you two dollars back?

We’d probably be at the machine all day until the dollars run out!

Now, there is a good opportunity for businesses to continue to make money online, but it’s not that easy. The process in doing so is simple, like having a great offer, testing new offers, following up with clients, etc… But to truly make online advertising work you need to follow that process and you need to know how each traffic channel works.

At Caniseo we continue to test new advertising campaigns to ensure we are on top of our game and can deliver results for our clients. Our efforts are not in vain and to this day we continue to get our clients more visibility, more leads, and more revenue. If you’re looking to grow your business online then contact us to schedule a consultation to see if online marketing is right for your business.

South Dallas

Every year busy fairgoers visit South Dallas for the Texas State Fair. Fried food, exhilarating, rides, new car releases, shows, games, and so much more happen every year in this area.

But what about when the fair is no longer here? What is there to really do in South Dallas?

I’m glad you asked that question because there is quite a bit to see year round.

As a quick overview, the Women’s Museum, Summer Musicals, African American Museum of Dallas, The Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park, and the Texas Discovery Gardens are all here.

IIf you’re not into museums, on the far East side of South Dallas you can expect to find the Wahoo Park. However, you may be disappointed by a certain sight right to the East of the park. You’ll be able to spot Parkdale lake, but as you approach the lake you’ll see that it has been fenced off. It’s just one of those things that you can only look at, but you can’t touch.

Other places of interest in South Dallas can be the Leonhardt Lagoon Nature Walk. I really like coming down to this particular place because this place becomes a sort of getaway for my mind when I do so. I typically walk by down this lagoon when I visit, but you might be happy to know that you can get swan boat rides on here. What places the icing on the cake is the learning opportunity to find out more about the flora, fauna, and wildlife living in the area.

Lastly, let’s cover the Texas Woofus, a sculpture created in 1936, which is a mythical chimera that is a mixture of the main animals of Texas livestock. You can only view the Woofus when Fair Park is open to the public, so if you ever catch yourself in the area you can find it outside of the Livestock Building No. 2.

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