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Get More Leads and Clients in Ft. Worth with SEO

Be honest,

You’re on here because you’ve done your research and you know that SEO is a viable way to attract visitors to your business.

Have you experienced low organic traffic on your website lately?

Why is it that your competition’s website has more traffic than yours does?

Search Engine Optimization is definitely your next deal to enhance your online availability, and you don’t have to worry about sketchy work such that you have to look for yet another marketing company after this. Don’t look any further, you’re there already. Well, major search engines like Google have thousands, or sometimes millions of alternative websites that have similar content to yours. You need your clients and any potential customers to have easy and fast access to your content on these very search engines. More visibility means more traffic and more profits. We make it our mission and Fort Worth marketing is your best shot at that. 

SEO is designed in a way to make your website more visible online. That was how you landed at CaniSeo in the first place. If we appeared on any other age other than the first, you probably wouldn’t have bothered to check the website. It works in the same way when your clients go online looking for products to purchase. I could give you tens of reasons why you still need to invest in getting real Google rankings. The first is the cost-effectiveness – Compared to the expenses of PPC publicizing or social networking advertising, optimizing your site for the search engines gives way better returns. Search engines guarantee more piece of the overall industry. Nowadays, an estimated 80-90% of clients check online audits before buying anything online. Soon, everybody will be checking for reviews online before thy can even consider your products. I’m sure you need your clients to easily access your business online, and a natural site set up will not do. Lastly, you need a healthier online profile. Don’t let your rivals outshine you by overlooking this important instrument for your business. Let search engine optimization work for you in advertising and you’ll be surprised how easily you could go u that profit margin you covet without having to incur the cost for advertising agents or consultants. A branding consultant will only propose an action that will strategically poise you for a better shot at marketing your products. The advertising agent then comes in to do the advertising for you, and these are two separate costs involving two equally necessary agencies, that can be replaced by our SEO affordable rates.

So why is it that you have already engaged other SEO companies to fine tune your website and you still appear on page 19 of Bing search results? We lead by example. As you have already experienced, our own website is SEO optimized and we are committed to getting you there. Even with our Frisco location we will give you unbiased advice on how to avoid penalties due to non-compliance with Google webmaster guidelines.

You surely don’t need to get caught up in a Panda- related penalty for poor content on your website. These are called algorithmic penalties. Another penalty that costs businesses a huge share of their profits and sometimes even cripples it is the manual penalty. Penguin is a Google update that checks for over-optimization in websites. This means that having too many links pointing to your website on a specific product that you deal in can also be damaging.

It is possible that shoddy optimization earns you a Penguin-related penalty rather than profits, and we are here to ensure that you never have to go through that. For starters, monitor your organic traffic. If at any point you discover that it has significantly reduced within a short period of time, you could have been penalized with either or even both of these penalties.

At one of our many locations, including Plano, we will employ high precision to avoid these penalties because recovering costs more, and you never really get back up 100%. If you’re hit, we will help you get back up and running. 

Give your competition a run for their money by being better at what you do. Our staff are experienced. We value our customers, so our relationships continue step by step until the point where your business is flourishing. Its quality you can trust.